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Chief Scientific Officer
Ft. Lauderdale or Deland, Florida

The Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) is a new position created to lead the proliferation of an expanding and well-funded clinical laboratory's capabilities and commercial offerings.   The CSO will facilitate the acquisition and development of scientific resources and expand capabilities to meet current, and anticipate future, market demands.

The Chief Scientific Officer will continually evaluate and enhance the laboratory's menu of assays.  The individual will oversee assay development and validation to align with strategic objectives.  As the public face of the laboratory’s scientific team the CSO will conceive and deliver programs that educate the scientific community, both internally and externally, about the Laboratory's capabilities and value.

The Chief Scientific officer will ensure the laboratory complies with appropriate regulatory guidelines including CLIA and CAP.  The CSO will ensure regulatory and customer audits meet or exceed standards and expectations.
The Chief Scientific Officer will collaborate with operational and commercial leadership to identify and execute growth strategies.  The individual will provide scientific input to inform strategic decisions.  The CSO will interact directly with potential and existing customers to ensure clear translation of scientific and business objectives and instill customer confidence.   The CSO will work closely with the Quality and Lean/Six Sigma team leaders to achieve quality objectives and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The Chief Scientific Officer will integrate into the culture of the $6.4 billion corporation.  The company is well organized and operates within tight timelines through effective schedule management.  The company's employees are organized, self-directed and self-motivated.  The company’s culture is very family-like which encourages balance, commitment, and passion.

If you are interested, please contact John Nilon directly at 610-430-6800 or via e-mail.