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Director of Quality
Ft. Lauderdale or Deland, Florida

The Director of Quality will lead the quality function of a commercial clinical laboratory and hold accountability for results in terms of regulatory compliance, product quality, and company policies. The Quality Director is responsible for developing, maintaining and improving laboratory quality systems which assure the laboratory’s products are tested in accordance with established specifications and are in compliance with all regulatory and corporate requirements.

The Director of Quality will have full supervisory responsibility for recruitment, hiring, retention, performance development, performance management, teammate relations, salary adjustments, and termination of direct reports. The Director will lead on-site customer and regulatory audits. 

The Director will coordinate with sales and marketing team members to leverage quality as a differentiator across target markets.  The Director will represent the laboratory as the external voice of quality assurance and quality control.  The individual will present as needed to customers, Ongoing implementation of the Director’s systems will contribute to customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

The Director of Quality Assurance will define and manage global operational metrics and KPIs that empower functional leaders to pursue continuous improvement.  The Director will identify and define trends that validate initiatives and demonstrate impact.  The Director will communicate trending information to the management team and collaboratively develop preventative action plans to address issues as they arise.

The Director will collaborate with GMs and Corporate leadership to proactively address competitive pressures.  The Director will leverage knowledge of systems (information technology, compliance, automation and validation) to achieve continued operational enhancements to firmly establish and maintain market share.

The Director will integrate into the culture of the $6.4 billion corporation.  The company is well organized and operates within tight timelines through effective schedule management.  The company's employees are organized, self-directed and self-motivated.  The company’s culture is very family-like which encourages balance, commitment, and passion.

If you are interested, please contact John Nilon directly at 610-430-6800 or via e-mail.