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Director of Quality
Swedesboro, New Jersey

The Director of Quality Assurance will drive the definition and implementation of strategic initiatives to unite each functional team around a unified vision of quality.  The Director will construct operating principles to inspire the company to surpass regulatory compliance as a competitive advantage to customers.  The Director will provide operational standards, systems, and programs to transform quality assurance into a proactive and integral component of operations.  The Director will impart a constant motivation to drive risk out of the organization.  Key objectives will include:

  1. Imbue quality into the culture.
  2. Align the organization around quality as a differentiator.
  3. Standardize operations around quality systems.
  4. Earn recognition as the lowest-risk option among alternatives.

To achieve objectives the Director of Quality Assurance will evaluate systems and processes to compare, contrast and identify areas for improvement.  The Director will develop tangible and clearly defined systems to leverage quality as a differentiator and align the company as a structured and uniform organization.   Ongoing implementation of the Director’s systems will translate into increased customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

The Director of Quality Assurance will define global operational metrics and KPIs that empower Division Executives and Operational Managers to pursue continuous improvement.  The Director will identify and define trends that validate initiatives and demonstrate impact.  The Director will communicate trending information to executive management and collaboratively develop preventative action plans to address issues as they arise.  The Director will manage PSI’s quality team and provide expert consulting to managers throughout the company.

The Director will collaborate with the general manager and team leaders to proactively address competitive pressures.  The Director will leverage knowledge of systems (information technology, compliance, automation and validation) to achieve continued operational enhancements to firmly establish and maintain market leadership.

If you are interested, please contact John Nilon directly at 610-430-6800 or via e-mail.