J.N. Solutions Search Process Timeline Weekly Progress Schedule Post-Completion
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Mo. 3 Mo. 6 Mo. 9 Mo. 12
Needs Analysis & Search
Strategy Development
111111111111111Mo. 12
Networking & Research 11111111Extended Research111Mo. 12
Candidate Identification & Assessment 111111111111111Mo. 12
Candidate Presentation 111111111111111Mo. 12
Candidate Interviews 111111111111111Mo. 12
360 References 111Confidential
111111111Mo. 12
Negotiation & Acceptance 111111111111111Mo. 12
Formal Follow-up 111111111111111Mo. 12

Needs Analysis & Search Strategy Development (Week 1-3) back to top

During the first week we will meet with those involved in the hiring process to share information. The second week is utilized to document and formalize the search strategy, position description and interview process. These documents are then distributed to the search team to ensure that a consensus has been met. The third week is utilized for any revisions that need to be made.

These documents are critical as they are the foundation for which the search is guided by. Any modifications to the position description or strategy beyond the third week may prolong the search process.

During this stage both J.N. Solutions and the client share responsibility to accomplish the following:

    1. Define the business model.
    2. Articulate the revenue model (recurring, license, etc)
    3. Understand sales strategy - (direct sales, channel sales, domestic, international, etc)
    4. Define growth plans
    5. Determine business solution for the search.

    1. Create draft
    2. Generate team consensus and approval
    3. Format as first representation of client to Candidates.

    1. Decision makers
    2. Timelines and expectations
    3. Interview Schedule/Process
    4. Define Decision Criteria based upon position description

    1. Agree to a list of companies to target for the search
    2. Exchange information on specific individuals or companies as appropriate

    1. Schedule interactive update frequency and format
    2. Schedule written update frequency and format

  6. OUTLINE RESPONSIBILITIES AND EXPECTATIONS - it is critical that all parties have a clear understanding of their role in the process.
    1. Adherence to project schedule
    2. Quality assurance
    3. Interview schedule/participants
    4. Responsiveness


Networking & Research (Week 2 - 12) back to top

Information gathered during the needs analysis and strategy sessions are utilized to begin identifying potential candidates. We conduct our research by systematically working through the companies that have been identified in the initial target list. Our research uncovers those individuals that most closely resemble the profile laid out in the position description. The names and titles of these individuals are shared with our clients during the regularly scheduled updates in order to highlight highly desirable individuals or remove those that should not be considered.

Our research list is dynamic and we add companies to our list throughout the search process. The majority of our research is completed by the end of the eighth week. We continue to communicate with our network and conduct research through the completion of the search to ensure that we have uncovered all prospects and information relevant to the search.

Client Action: During this period the client is responsible for providing feedback while the search strategy is refined. The client will be receiving written lists of target companies and target candidates as a result of our research. Communication must remain open to ensure that any adjustments in search strategy are made as early in the process as possible.

Candidate Identification & Assessment (Week 3-9) back to top

Our networking and research begins to uncover potential candidates during the third week. As we contact these potential candidates we conduct initial phone assessments to determine viability. If our initial phone assessment warrants an interview we schedule one as quickly as possible. Our preference is to meet potential candidates face-to-face, though we often conduct videoconferences to reduce our client's expenses and to expedite the process.

During our regularly scheduled updates we provide a summary of each individual under consideration and our progress in the assessment process. After the assessment has been completed we generate a written report that provides an overview of the candidate and their experiences and how they relate specifically to the position requirements as defined in the position description.

Our Candidate Assessment Reports are designed to be concise and to the point. The assessment is a preparatory tool for those involved in the interview process and is typically three to five pages.

Client Action: As candidates are brought to the table by J.N. Solutions we will want to leverage our client's expertise. We will call upon the client for feedback early in the process on all potential candidates uncovered. Typically our clients raise questions once they learn basic information about the people we are pursuing. These questions prove valuable during our assessment process. We also expect our clients to be available should the potential candidates have questions that we cannot answer. In certain circumstances we may ask that the client be available to speak with a potential candidate before the candidate has been formally presented.

Candidate Presentation (Week 5-10) back to top

We begin presenting candidates for consideration during the fifth week. A candidate presentation constitutes providing all search team members with a resume or written overview, candidate assessment and the candidate's availability for interviews. We will discuss candidates that have been presented during our regularly scheduled updates. If a discussion cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled update we will make appropriate arrangements to expedite the process.

Client Action: Immediately following Candidate Presentation the client is responsible for providing feedback and their own availability for interviews. Scheduling of interviews is often one of the more difficult components of a search and can lead to a longer search process. We encourage our clients to be extremely flexible and reserve time for interviews during this period. It is also important to be considerate of the candidate's situation - most are not looking and did not reserve time to interview. As we are trying to attract them we encourage our clients to be as accommodating as possible when providing their schedule.

Candidate Interviews (Week 6-10) back to top

The five weeks reserved for client interviews assume five or six candidates will have an initial round with the client team resulting in two finalists. One or both of the finalists will return to the client for a second and third round of interviews - and sometimes a fourth. J.N. Solutions will be responsible for preparing the client for each interview that takes place. We will discuss each candidate in detail and provide our candidate assessments as tools for our clients. We will also manage the interview process to ensure that the expectations of the client and candidate are met.

Feedback from the candidate interviews should be communicated to J.N. Solutions as quickly as possible. We recommend a conference call within 12 hours of the interview to discuss feedback and next steps.

We also debrief candidates within 12 hours of their interviews.

Client Action: We request that each interviewer provide feedback immediately after they meet a candidate. We like to receive the initial reaction as soon as possible. We also ask that each interviewer review the position description and selection criteria both before and after their meeting with the candidate to maintain focus and a common point of reference. When possible we also suggest that those involved in the interview process coordinate with each other to avoid redundancy and maintain progression in the development of the interview process.

360 References (Week 4-10) back to top

We begin the reference process as early as possible by contacting individuals who are not provided by the candidate - typically during week four. A candidate is not likely to provide his/her references until they are confident that they will receive an offer. We respect their confidentiality. Initial references are conducted under the strictest confidence and are utilized to assist the search team during the assessment and interview processes. These confidential references are often a key component in our assessment process though may not be included in our final references.

Once we have reached the stage where we can conduct formal references we request a minimum of two managers, two peers, and two direct reports from each of their past two companies or positions. Our references are conducted to determine how a candidate operates. We are not interested in learning what a candidate accomplished - we are interested in learning how our candidate accomplishes their work.

After completing the reference process we provide a client with a comprehensive report on each individual that we have spoken with. Our reports are designed to assist in the decision making process and provide a road map for working with the individual moving forward. Our references reveal tremendous amounts of detail about a candidate and provide insight into how a candidate will perform.

Client Action: The client is responsible for communicating to J.N. Solutions those areas that they wish explored during the reference process based on their meetings with the candidates. Our references are meant to provide a road map for integrating and working with a new candidate. Full utilization of the information gathered during the reference process will impact the success of the hired person.

Negotiation & Acceptance (Week 10-12) back to top

J.N. Solutions plays a critical role during the negotiation and acceptance process. Candidates and clients will always provide us with information that they would not otherwise provide to each other. The information puts us in a strong negotiating position for both parties. J.N. Solutions is in a position to "test the waters" while minimizing the risk of breaking down the negotiations. Our ability to mediate is often what closes the deal.

Once an offer has been accepted and a start-date established the search is not yet complete. We will work with the candidates through their resignation and prepare them for a counter-offer. We will also coordinate the integration of the candidate into our client by coaching the search team on appropriate first steps. We like our candidates to begin to feel like they are a part of the new team as quickly as possible and encourage invitations to meetings and social events prior to their start date.

Once a candidate has become a new employee we will follow up frequently over the first few weeks.

Client Action: We request that our clients utilize our services to the fullest and discuss all negotiation strategies with J.N. Solutions before acting. Timing is critical during this stage and we ask that our clients be responsive and committed.

Formal Follow-up (Months 3, 6, 9, & 12) back to top

Every quarter after the new employee's start date we conduct a formal follow-up. We will interview the hiring manager, the candidate, and all other appropriate members of the search team. Our goal is to determine if the expectations of all parties are being met and to correct any issues that may need to be addressed. We find that under the rare circumstances when an issue does arise that it is primarily the result of miscommunication and easily remedied.

Client Action: Please participate in our follow-up interviews. Typically they take very little time and can produce a significant return. We ask that you share all your thoughts and concerns as well as any positive feedback.