J.N. Solutions, LLC

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J.N. Solutions' Clients include the following companies:

NE Heart Institute
Nordion Logo
Fisher Clinical Services
Graceway Pharmaceuticals
Smithers Viscient
Smithers Pharma Services

J.N. Solutions works with a variety of clients in three primary industries:

  • Emerging Technology
  • Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Services
  • Biotechnology

Our clients tend to exhibit some or all of the following characteristics.

  • Our clients are in the midst of rapid growth or change.
  • Our clients recognize the value of their people.
  • Our clients are interested in considering alternatives to traditional search and staffing services.
  • Our clients are in need of a dependable company that they can count on to supplement their internal staffing process.
  • Our clients may have had a bad experience with other search firms or staffing agencies.
  • Our clients are often leaders in their industry


Please review some of our recent projects and our current searches to learn more.