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When considering a search for a new employee there traditionally have been three options:

1. Contingent
2. Retained
3. Internal Resources

The problem with these choices is that, most often, in order to be time and cost effective each option must be selected exclusive of the other two options. Often companies will try one avenue only to move on to a second option once their first choice has failed. Others may feel that their only choice is to conduct the search on their own, or go with a full retained search. We believe that there is a better way.

We believe that the most effective way to attract talent is to utilize the strengths of our client, take into account market conditions, and utilize our services to complete the process. The result is an integrated solution that enables all sources to be utilized.

We offer a spectrum of choices tailored to your needs that enable you to utilize all available resources, time and cost effectively. You can make the right choice the first time, every time by choosing J.N. Solutions.

Please take some time to explore some of our Solutions to better understand how J.N. Solutions can improve your ability to attract and hire key personnel.