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By unbundling our services we are able to become an extension of our client's staffing function.

Perhaps you have identified a slate of candidates on your own and would like us to provide an independent candidate evaluation to aid the selection process.

...Or, you would like to check references beyond those provided by your candidate to gain a more thorough and rounded picture of their past performance.

The benefits of unbundled services are immense. The costs of individual services are only a fraction of what a complete search fee is and it creates a more dynamic search process enabling the best available resources to be utilized for each stage of the search.

Please refer to our process to fully understand each component of the unbundled services. Below is a brief description of how each service can provide independent benefit.

Search Strategy Development back to top

We can help your internal team lay out a strategy for conducting an effective search without utilizing external resources - when appropriate. The steps taken during strategy development are critical and often overlooked by companies conducting their own search

Research Services back to top

We will gladly conduct research for our clients to facilitate their staffing needs. The parameters of the research vary from client to client.

Candidates Assessment and Evaluation back to top

Often our clients are able to complete a portion of the sourcing process on their own. They may have received a large number of resumes through an advertisement, or have narrowed their choice down to three candidates and would like additional information for the selection process. Whatever the issue may be, our clients would rather maintain focus on their business and allow us to conduct a professional screening of their candidates. The end-result is an extensive, unbiased evaluation of their options in a condensed time frame. We have multiple levels of screening services including resume screening, candidate interview and evaluation, and 360 Reference Analysis.

360 References back to top

Our clients find our 360 Reference Analysis invaluable. The information provided guides the decision making process and provides a management tool that can impact the success of the candidate. We provide an extensive written analysis that empowers our clients to be confident in their choice and get the most out of their people.

Compensation Negotiation back to top

J.N. Solutions can be very effective in diffusing situations before they occur during negotiations. By putting us in the middle we are able to obtain and relay information that otherwise would be unattainable. We are also able to contribute our own experience to the process and lead both sides to a reasonable solution without creating any bad feelings that can arise from direct negotiation.