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Would you welcome an opportunity to make hiring leaders easier?

We bring clarity to the hiring process.

Working with truly innovative thinkers to find candidates that are an extraordinary fit for their organizations has taught us to look at the search process quite differently.

Many hires are driven by the candidate's experience throughout their career.

We've demonstrated that the impactful leaders are differentiated not by their experience, but by their behavioral and personality traits. These are derived from a combination of deep interviews as well as assessments.

Our clients benefit from a greater than 90% success rate on their most critical hires.

Your business has an issue. Talent will solve that.

We work with the leadership of companies in the Life Science, Biotech and Emerging Tech fields who are growing and in need of exceptional leaders to take them forward.

Identify Your Need

We gain clarity around the needs of your organization and strategize a roadmap to success.

Target Acquisition

We handpick and reach out to select, ideal candidates.


Using J.N. Solutions' proprietary methods, we examine candidates to determine if any are a fit.

Candidate Presentation

We dive deep and spend time profiling each candidate before presenting them to you.


We walk with you through a series of steps to help you make the choice that aligns the most with your company's mission.

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Our clients take the long view.

Not only do our clients look at candidate experience, but also at the ability to grow, innovate, and engage teams in accomplishing the company vision. They understand that to produce outstanding search candidates, they must be willing to collaborate with a process that delivers extraordinary leaders and, at the same time, deepens their understanding of their teams and challenges.

We offer many levels of customized search since each company with whom we work has unique challenges and timelines.

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